Astrea Sri Ana

I am angelic. This is my first physical lifetime.  I am clairvoyant.  I see Ascended Masters, angels, galactic beings, energy as geometry.  When I look into the energy of a being, I am shown and am able to repattern their geometry to their original divine blueprint.  Always I am shown the geometry required, at each level, to assist to transform to divine perfection. 

I sing the language of light.  I work with the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command to channel planetary activations and to draw codes and holograms of sacred geometry … templates, blueprints and holograms of divinity … and to anchor these to earth, sharing the holograms and codes with others in group planetary work over the past 10 years or more ... to create the foundation upon which the New World may build.

My purpose on earth is an experiential path ... to experience so much ... and to bring all within myself to wholeness.  In passing through so many initiations ... my hologram holds much of perfection.  I am here to share that hologram with others, particularly in sacred mystery school workshops, so that the path of others may be less onerous and one filled with much grace and ease.  This is my purpose.  To share what I have healed in myself so that the path is one of ease and of grace. 

I am here to show you that ... you too hold divinity ... caught up and lessened in this world’s confusion and duality ... and with trauma memories ... and those inherited from your family lineage and ancestry ... which have created recurring patterns which disempower and limit and sadden.  These memories and patterns are held within your akashic records ... and these may be cleared and dissolved ... allowing the divine nature to unfold, unfurl and to blossom in a new life of fulfillment ... held within sacred contract and life mission.

One of my gifts is the ability to awaken your divine spirit, opening the way for your own healing to begin.

We all began as angels.  Then we chose to have individual experiences of both light and dark through self-individuation and freewill.  Across the aeons, many distortions have occurred.

At this time on earth, many of you are called to be lightworkers, fulfilling sacred contracts with a very special purpose and mission for all humanity.  Some of you know this already and are searching for the right means to discover your destiny.  Others, like me, have had experiences of deep pain which were an awakening and have led to a search for meaning ... which ultimately allows these truths to be revealed to you. 

In 2001 my marriage of 13 years with my twin flame broke up.  I was utterly devastated, felt like I would die of the pain of it.  I had a vision of my tortured soul leaving my body.  At that moment, in walked Tazja, and much stronger than the Christine I had been.  I left my husband and began the long journey of healing and of transformation.

I was a walking shadow ... having given all my personal power over ... filled with deep pain, fears and many, many limiting patterns.  I didn’t have any connection or even belief yet in any higher form, but I searched and followed every hunch and lead ... for there was such an emptiness in me ... and I had everything to gain and nothing left to lose.

I’d been led to find a beautiful place to live, on the rainforest slopes of a holy volcano near Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia.  Lying on the ground in pain and meditation, I began to see images in my third eye … angels staring at me with such love in their eyes, only inches from mine.  I became surrounded by angels. 

People brought me books and information about angels.  I started to draw them, creating angel portraits of people and their angel guides.  A couple of years before I first met angels, I was living in Bali with my then-husband when I taught myself to draw, becoming obsessed with my art, drawing every minute of the day.  This was the search for my bliss, losing myself in art ... and without knowing how or where or when, I was now on the bliss path and it would lead me home. 

I felt I was an artist and this was my path and mission.  But the universe had other plans.

In finding my artist’s eye ... I was later able to draw the sacred geometry templates and holograms that I see in my third eye.  Nothing is wasted on our path ... nothing.  All has meaning.  And purpose. 

During a 10-day vipassana meditation retreat, and with my sight fully opened, thousands of lost souls were flocking to me.  I called the angels to assist these souls to go to the light, while many Ascended Masters and beings I had no knowledge of came to me.  I saw them as clearly as if they were standing a few inches away.  They had messages about my path and me.

I attended many different workshops, anything I could afford.  At one workshop, sitting on a side table was a Gaia Mystery School manual.  Just reading a page or two showed me I had to get to this school.  I travelled to Montsegur, France and began a year’s mystery school training.  That began the most amazing year of my life up to that point.

Still filled with pain, I spent the 10 days of mystery school with my ears full of tears, lying down receiving so many activations, traveling to many places, with full vision of them, along with ancient lives.  So much pain arose.

I discovered later that this is my first lifetime on earth.  As an angelic being, I’ve observed much over the aeons, and taken these experiences on as my own.  In effect, I’ve taken on the pain of the world, especially that of women, children and animals.

Qala was my teacher, who brought to earth comprehensive knowledge of the galactic and celestial realms.  

Because I was in such severe pain and resonated so fully with what she taught, I threw myself into the training.  I experienced many activations and went on journeys to ancient galactic lives, seeing, feeling, understanding, healing, becoming empowered as my memory returned of who I was and of my gifts. 

While journeying in the activations, to Lemuria or Atlantis for example, from my third eye I saw that I became very small and would use acrobatic movements to enter the portals to access information I needed to gather.  I started drawing the spirals and geometric movements my body was making to enter realms of other dimensions.

As my vibration increased I started to see geometry in my third eye.  During meditation groups where there was for example healing of shards of memory from the heart, I was shown the geometry to heal this.  I began sketching what I was shown, keeping it to myself mostly.

As I worked with the teachings, I began to bring the concepts into a cohesive form.  Because the system was time consuming, and very “full” with information, I would ask to be shown a code to fast track the method.  I started to draw a code for everything that resonated … special healing codes for myself, papering the walls of my house with them.  I was losing my pain and my wounds … and stepped into my power.

After a request from the Ascended Masters to share the codes of Ancient Egypt I had received to heal the great traumas and wounds of humanity and of lightworkers especially ... and receiving feedback on their profound healing effect for these which are our greatest trauma memories of disempowerment of all manner ... I slowly began to trust that the codes I was drawing could work for everyone.

Meanwhile, I went back to France for another 10 days.  I’d been training for the year as a recordkeeper of the akashic records. We would channel the akashic records in groups and one on one.  I didn’t really know what it was all about.  But it came easily.  I found I was very gifted.  I simply had to open my voice, and there it was.  So fulfilling.


I travelled to other countries exchanging sessions with other poddies.  It was in Montreal that the archangelic presence of Aurora merged with me.  I also learned from the Masters that it would be possible to fulfill my biggest dream, living in Bali.  For nearly 30 years I’d been visiting Bali, even living there for 5 years with my ex-husband.  So I sold everything in Australia and moved to Bali.

Part of my task as a keeper was to bring forth 200 codes to heal the angelic body for every lifetime since separation from God. These were also needed to assist to open the portal of Gunung Agung, the sacred volcano in Bali on 11-11-2005.  Bali is a remnant of Lemuria and the portal had been closed since that time. 11 of us used our bodies and energies as vehicles to open the portal at the mother temple of Besakih.

Two of the women from that group were fascinated with mystery school and wanted me to teach them. After asking the Ascended Masters, a period of intense activity began as I channeled 2 or 3 activations a day, made 30 different elixirs with their respective codes of sacred geometry ... a massive task ... and set the date for the first mystery school.  In the end, it was a different woman who became the first student.

As part of the sacred mystery school teachings, my gift to humanity as Tazja was to draw and to anchor to earth individual codes of sacred geometry … especially those of the light body … for each chakra … and each of the 12 individual diamond plates … and also the gateways and vortexes of the energy body.

After many, many mystery school trainings now, times of such great fulfillment and growth for me, I watch each poddy blossom, become empowered and lose their former limiting patterns.  Those who have gone before have anchored the energies to earth and in passing through their own initiations, opening to their empowerment … have enabled the training to become more graceful, filled with ease. 

On summer solstice 21 December 2006, the Ascended Masters took me on a journey to the universal realms where I merged with my twin flame ... my masculine self.  At that time, I was then taken to Astrea and merged with her.  I’d been connecting with Astrea for several months previously as she channeled many of the mystery school activations with Divine Mother.

This was a great wonder to me.  Astrea is of the Elohim, a creator being who assisted in the creation of all things.  Mankind is an experiment that got out of control.  So much pain.  So much distortion.  Upon earth, Astrea has the ability to recreate, to return to the original blueprint, restoring all that has been distorted across the ages.

In 2010, I received mergence with Divine Mother God, and some months later with Gaia.  These mergences created great change for me and many challenges in the karmic issues that needed to be healed to allow these bodies of light of such greatness to be accepted.  There were physical challenges, and great exhaustion and emotional stress … and the need to channel the original akashic records many times, to find and release these distortions which were creating such challenge for me.

For some weeks and months after I had received embodiment with Gaia, there was the great burden of carrying humanity to ascension, which I experienced as a physical weight.  I saw the lines of light that held me to Gaia and to humanity and I felt the weight for many weeks … and experienced struggle to maintain equilibrium … making strong demands on the Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation to free me from this burden and little by little this pressure eased until it was able to be borne.

There has been mergence with the Hindu gods, and with their carrier animals … merging through my crown chakra, in much wonder and joy.  There have been so many other embodiments over the years, and each has created challenge and change.  As part of the ascension process, all parts of ourselves return Home in wholeness and Oneness.

Late in 2010 while at a favourite seaside hotel in Candi Dasa where over the past years I have experienced such strong experiences of connection with the divine and received so many transmissions and templates and holograms to share with humanity, I was shown the eye of god within a triangle and was told that this would be my final embodiment ... as Divine Father God merged with me, entering through my crown chakra.  Again, there was much physical and emotional disturbance for some weeks and months.

Sri Ana is the embodiment of my own god presence, having merged with the trinity, and this is now my name, called by the Masters the Queen of Heaven.

(Now in 2016, looking back to that time in 2010, it is clear that the initiations and the embodiments have continued even more strongly, unable even to be recalled, and shared, such has been that which has been asked of me.  Like climbing the highest mountain and of course, more exhausting the higher and closer to the pinnacle.  My role and my purpose is to traverse all initiations ... to experience everything ... the light and the dark ... and to bring all to wholeness.  My hologram becomes complete ... and it is my hologram that is shared with all.  This is my purpose. To bring ease on the path for those who follow me and those who are my beloved students with whom I share my hologram lovingly.) 

All embodiments have been so strong for me, for there is the need to continue to release the akashic records of each embodiment until there is peace and equilibrium, for the akashic records anchor with the bodies of light, and the wounds are very real ones which attract their mirror until they are healed and released … and so there is the need to quickly find what are the wounds of these ones, and to release the akashic records that lie at their core.  For instance with Father God, there were the issues of the mistrust of so many in God, and the raging at God when there is pain and struggle, and so I would attract issues that mirrored these projections by humanity, until the records had been found, and released.

I have channeled many, many of the Ascended Masters as well as those from the Galactic Federation. All the sacred mystery school activations were channeled, about 25 extraordinary channels to clear all sorts of karma and karmic memories and to activate various parts of the light body and to restore to divine magnificence.

There are activations also for the many elixirs, channeled by many Masters.  Melchior, head of the Galactic Federation, channeled many of the sacred mystery school activations and was my “main man” for some years.

Divine Mother, Lady Nada (who is Mary Magdalene), Mother Mary (mother of Jesus Christ) Archangel Michael, Kuthumi, Sananda and Merlin have channeled through me in earlier days, though it is Divine Father God and my own god presence Sri Ana that I channel now.

The Sister of the Rose with Lady Nada, Manifestations of Mastery with Merlin and Attitudes of Ascension from Kuthumi are the earlier activations that were sent out with my newsletter as healing programs and the full archive of all activations is freely available on this site.

Since 2008 the direction of the work has been Dreaming the New World, an ongoing series of planetary activations, language of light voice transmissions and holograms of sacred geometry shared each month by newsletter with many around the world, anchoring to earth new Templates of Perfection and Holograms of Divine Wholeness as Blueprints for the New Human, New World.

Progressively for those receiving the activations, there is the release of so many karmic patterns of distortion and in their place new blueprints of original divinity are received.  Beautiful work we share, anchoring these divine blueprints to earth, that they may be shared as the new reality upon which the New World may build, and each of us receives so many transmissions of blessings for this planetary work.

Use any and all of these activations and codes and holograms which you will find in the Free Healing Tools to Use and Planetary activations sections.

In 2015 I found myself called back to Australia ... to tropical Port Douglas in Far North Queensland.  I had attracted so much attack and black magic in Bali and it became dangerous for me to remain there.  Am slowly being restored to full health in the peace and beauty of this tropical paradise. 

As my energy is renewed, there is excitement to continue to share sacred mystery school ... The Path of the Mystic ... around the world in years to come, for all of my remaining days.  Santorini in Greece has become one wonderful anchoring place for this work.  This year in September we return there for a truly beautiful and life-transforming 5 day workshop. 

And there are new teachings ... a new 2 day workshop, The Path for the World ... whose purpose is for those who do not feel the yearning desire to throw themselves totally into such a strong path of healing, clearing and transformation, stepping into divine mastery, with strong role for humanity. 

I call this one training for ‘humans’.  Though I find that each ‘human’ then uncovers inherent divinity. 

But this 2 day workshop is a softer path, an accelerated path, gaining from all of the wisdom and teachings of the stronger and more intensive sacred mystery school. 

Very excited to have reached this stage.  And of sharing this work as attunement for those who, as teachers, wish to in turn share the work with groups.  I see these new teachers most likely holding weekly group activations ... a total of 13 weeks to receive each of the new activations.  Or for holding 2 day workshops. 

So for those who are wishing to find a ‘soft’ way into leading groups, this is so beautiful and a very empowering path of mastery as, in stepping forward bravely beyond old fears and doubts, all of the Family of Light gathers around to hold you as you align with, and step upon your own destiny pathway of leadership. 

I live my life for God completely, trying to balance this as best I can so I am still in the physical and not depleted.  I am open to the universe totally, and the universe flows with me.  My life is lived in acceptance of my path and with great fulfillment and a feeling of privilege.  There is no fear … before I was totally, totally full of fear.  I am the best advertisement for this work!  

Astrea Sri Ana