~ PERSONAL SESSIONS of distant healing – and personal voice transmission in the language of light

* Astrea not available for these sessions until further advised

Akashic clearing and karmic release of recurring distorted patterns and behaviours

This beautiful new gift replaces my former readings of the akashic records … and enlarges and enhances … gracefully dissolving the patterns, the wounds, the suffering … and reclaiming the gains of wisdom, truth and evolutionary progress made across all lifetimes … giving sense to the repeated lifetimes … and bringing the evolutionary wheel back to wholeness and oneness with God.

Astrea will also record for you a short voice transmission in the language of light, specially attuned to your session.


* Astrea not available for these sessions until further advised




If you would like Astrea to journey with you to the God realms to dissolve akashic records, karmic debris and distorted and troubling and challenging patterns

and achieve all processes of restoration of wholeness and oneness with God:

1.         email me with a brief list of 3 recurring patterns that challenge you

and from which you would love to be freed.

For example:

I am unable to trust that I am safe and that all my needs will be taken care of

I have blocks to receiving love

I have blocks to success and abundance


I compare myself unfavourably with others and feel inferior and worthless

I am afraid to speak my truth and fear criticism and making mistakes – or the loss of those I love

I cannot make decisions and lack clarity as to my path and my life.

2.         and email me a brief list of 3 intents that you wish to manifest for your life

For example:

I wish to live in peace and harmony

I would love to find my life purpose which uses all of my gifts, and allows these to develop and be shared

I ask that all my physical needs be abundantly and gracefully provided so I am free to be my best self and to achieve my life purpose and destiny.

I travel to the god realms most evenings – journeying with those who have specific patterns to dissolve, and specific intents to manifest.   After receiving your request I will email on the day we journey - and just before I go into meditation. It is normally evening Australia time - often around 8pm.

PLEASE NOTE that this is not a reading, and you will not receive any notes or insights or reading as to the journeying that occurred.  We are walking away from the stories now – they have had their day.


These new giftings have been given to me in July 2013 as the ability to traverse the timelines on behalf of those who wish to journey with me, travelling between past, present and future:

  • dissolving the akashic records of accumulated lineage and distortion

  • reclaiming from the Halls of Higher Learning and Wisdom every individual truth, wisdom and higher evolutionary understanding through all lifetimes

  • mergence in wholeness with all soul extensions, aspects of current and past and parallel lifetimes, allowing their wounds and memories to be dissolved, and their mastery reclaimed

  • mergence with twin flame, dissolving the incessant need for the exterior search for the divine other

  • mergence with soul monad, group soul

  • mergence at the commencement of the timelines of pre-creation, with God, achieving wholeness and oneness with the divine in the God realms of pre-creation we manifest the new intents and dreams, linking with the grace realms, beauty realms, holographic universes, to make alignment with all opportunities and destiny partners within your life contract, life purpose, divine plan

  • the ascension process is concluded. I call this … stairways to heaven.

You also receive a series of activations, tools and codes of sacred geometry specially created as part of sacred mystery school training to use as a regular program

• to bring ease and peace and power and fulfillment to your life through releasing the karmic blocks, pain and disempowerment
• to work with your own akashic records to empty the records and soul memories of distortion and pain
• to restore to original blueprint the higher bodies and chakras of light
• and to activate, ground and embody your keepership and higher gifts.



From Wakuha Blueflame in Bali:

‘Last night was so beautiful, angel … and I could see things happening.  Many beautiful lights with different colors, touching my core of being so tenderly, yet powerful at the same time, that brought different feelings of soothing and healing.  There was this so beautiful blue flame shining so bright went through my body starting from my crown chakra. There was also this small shining crystal quartz, diamond shape was coming towards me and slowly it penetrated into my heart.

There was this big shining golden light, pulling me in so strong that I came to the center of it. There, I was resting with the feeling of my DNA and cells in my entire body being restored.

While it was happening, I could see some cords on my body attached to something in each different direction. During the restoration as it was still going on, the cords were being cut especially from those that were attached along my spine.

As I was dancing with angels, I could see so much clarity and it has brought so many realizations that are so liberating.

I was told to put my story … in this big golden coin shape.  As I was going along with my story, this coin became bigger and bigger. When I finished, the coin dropped into this blue shining whirling stream and somehow it disappeared.

Then, it went completely blank and I was totally gone. Woke up 1.5 hours later feeling so fresh and new … and hungry! Hahaha! … driving my way to eat out in bliss and ecstasy!…’

‘Thank you, angel.  Ah! it was so beautiful …. woke up this morning feeling SO peaceful and blissful.  THANK YOU.’


From Jayne:

‘With all my heart I thank you for your incredible, powerful, beautiful and loving service. I have felt a lot of very hot energy through my body and some really beautiful energy and healing. I am still a little dazed and integrating:-) I am able to hear (download!) the light language you recorded for me and the notes. I am looking forward to using them today and everyday.

I was working yesterday but I felt a lot throughout the day and I saw a lot when I went to bed. I am so relieved that the time of the story is over:-)

I am very honoured and grateful to have connected with you. You are an inspiration.  With love and joy may all of heaven’s blessings and grace overflow in your life and in your heart.  Thank you.’



I feel that I stepped into an empty space , a void and I am now able to sustain the lightness of this being for a sustainable period of time just in Grace and Bliss ….

There is this major release of the trust patterns and the stuck up energies of abundance and feel so light at the moment as if I am about to embody in fullness my Divinity.

I loved the way I flew with the full entourage from the Realm of Grace holding the journey with love and compassion.  LOVE you’


A description of what she experienced as we entered the holographic universes and new realities, together, from Alexandra in Nederlands:

‘I received a lot of clarity last night and was very grateful for that. I saw you and me in the Godstreams, all sorts of golden circling geometry. The geometries also looked like separate tubes to enter. I was told these were the variations and different options within the divine plan. The tube that was running my life right now was very golden, but also had a big wound in it that covered part of the doorway and flow. The path that was for my highest good right now was white and based on purity all the way through. We went in it together and it felt very crystalline and clear, spacious too. In the same place as where I witnessed all the geometries and tubes, there were black pieces of smoke, the sorrow and thought forms, patterns that were releasing….’