Astrea is again available to channel keepership readings.

To obtain your channeled reading, CONTACT ME with your original birth name and date and place of birth and it would be my honour and privilege to channel for you from the akashic records.

I am now offering two versions of Keepership reading:

  • a brief, shortened version of approximately 300-400 words, with your galactic name and title of keepership, and a short description
  • $US111

(includes notes of explanation from sacred mystery school teachings of how to activate keepership, and daily tools and codes of sacred geometry to accelerate the path of mastery)


  • full version of 6-8 pages, 5000 words, with your galactic name, title of keepership, mission council and full description of how the gifts of mastery may be accessed and utilised
  • $US333

(includes notes of explanation from sacred mystery school teachings of how to activate keepership, and daily tools and codes of sacred geometry to accelerate the path of mastery)


Keepership reading
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  • Why are you here on earth?
  • What is your role in the Divine Plan … what are you here to do?
  • Why is there acceleration and change in your life, 
    – which drives you forward to discover what lies far beyond your limitations and fears?
  • Why are there such challenges and pain in your life?
  • What is your keepership (the title of the role you play within the Divine Plan)?
  • What are the gifts you bring to earth for humanity?
  • What is your galactic name?
  • Which of the Enlightened Masters and Archangels
    work with you on your Mission Council and are available for assistance and guidance?
  • What do you walk towards?



Your channelled reading gives you the title of the role you play within the Divine Plan … your keepership … and an explanation of the special gifts you bring to earth … a reading of several pages.

You also receive a series of activations, tools and codes of sacred geometry specially created as part of sacred mystery school training to use as a regular program

• to bring ease and peace and power to your life, through releasing the karmic blocks, the pain and the disempowerment
• to empty the akashic records of your soul of distortion and pain
• to restore to original blueprint the higher bodies and chakras of light
• and to activate, ground and embody your keepership and higher gifts.

The veils of forgetfulness enshroud you from full knowledge of what you are … and the karmic wounds and experiences and memories of your earth lifetimes, those you have chosen to heal and release in this lifetime of ascension … hold you back from full knowledge of your power until they have been worked through and beyond.

The path of keepership … is to release all that holds you from the knowledge of the full blown splendour and wonder of what you really are!

Keepership is your gift of God, your own spark of Godhead … through which you bring the light and love and wisdom and power of God through your own individual stream of consciousness. It holds your power, the power of God in your own unique form.

If you imagine that all of the varying gifts and powers of God are split into billions of atoms, and each atom holds the power of God in its own unique form … then see your keepership as your particular atom of God, holding absolute unlimitedness and power and love and mastery.

Your keepership is your stream of God consciousness which you have expressed in all of your galactic lives and your divine earth lives, in varying forms … your gifts are unlimited and beyond human comprehension. It is this unlimitedness that the Masters often speak of … when we are told that we are able to heal all that ails us.

Our keepership is first used on ourselves, to heal our limiting patterns and behaviours which have been created by the nature of our earth memories and experiences of our previous lifetimes, and also those we have inherited in our DNA and from our family heritage. 

Because you are divine, and hold subtle memories of the peace within divinity, it is the search to find this peace that drives you forward to discover the nature of the wounds and patterns you hold … to heal these … and to discover and to unlock your special gifts and your mastery. 

Often in this search for peace and for mastery, it is in your own healing that you will bring to earth such wonderful methods and gifts of healing and transformation which are then able to be shared with so many.

Once keepership is known and embodied and anchored to earth, it is then available as a tool of immense and unlimited power to heal yourself of all that holds you from your mastery and from full empowerment, fulfillment and peace.

This is our path. To peace. And to mastery.

You have chosen in this lifetime to bring your keepership to the physical plane for the benefit of all … and you will use the passion of your heart and the heart’s dreams that fulfil you … to express and share your gifts in your own unique way.

The members of your Mission Council of Light are named … those of the Enlightened Masters, Galactic Federation and Archangels and great emissaries of light who walk with you in your physical mission.